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  • Akanksha Kumari
    Placed in:Capgemini

"My experience at RAT was really nice. I got the best teachers who were not only experienced and learned, but also a good mentor. "

  • Damini Malik
    Placed in:Accenture

"I really liked the way Abhishek Sir has taught us, he uses to explain each and every topic with examples so that we can understand it better. Also one more thing that I liked about RAT was the video lectures. I still remember that I had my semesters coming up and I needed to take video lectures of some topics in JAVA prior to they were taught in class as I could not attend. Abhishek Sir prepared those video lectures just for we three four students among the whole batch. Such concern about each student is not seen everywhere, but yes RAT surely does that! "

  • Susmita Rathore
    Placed in: Cap Gemini

"Completing my training at RAT was really a very good experience. The projects completed here helped me a lot in my interview and in college also.Knowledge taken from here is really helpful and will help you forever in any way.I express my gratitude for this institute, thank you so much for helping and guiding me. "

  • Anushka Swaroop
    Placed in:BizViz Technologies Pvt.Ltd

"RAT is a one of a kind institute where you get to learn as well as utilize the knowledge.I am very grateful to Ritesh Sir and Abhishek Sir for giving me the chance to learn as well as giving us the opportunity to sit in a campus placement held at RAT itself.I give the sole credit of my placement to the hard work and dedication of our mentors at RAT,who made sure to attend to the problems faced by each student individually.Thank you RAT for providing me this wonderful opportunity. "

  • Abhinav Gupta
    Placed in:Cognizant and Infosys

"RAT provided a platform to enhance programming skills very much,which helps me in interview.It increase my confidence. Booklets provided by RAT are very well designed and helpful. "

  • Shachi Shambhvi 
    Placed in:Accenture 

"Must join place to get success "

  • Jyoti Prajapati
    Placed in: Accenture

"it is such a great palace to learn java if it's your first time and Abhishek sir is very kind and humble to when solve our problems regarding the language. I've learnt so much from here  "

  • Shivdutt Hada
    Placed in:HPE,Sopra Steria

"Simply the best institute for Java in town. Provided a great environment to enhance my skills and also the study material was very well put. Altogether enjoyed my stay at RAT. "

  • Himanshu Kamra
    Placed in:Cognizant,Infosys

"My duration in RAT has made me a better coder,I learned many new things here which generally are not taught in colleges. They gave me a deep insight of language which helped me in cracking the placements. Faculty here is very supportive and always available for student support,also the video lectures provided by RAT are far better than other lectures found in internet which also helped me a lot for preparing my university papers. "

  • Akshit Gupta

"JAVA taught by Abhishek Sir, is one of the best in the area. He starts from the basic, clearing all the fundamentals that help a lot in the interviews, because in the company interview they only just want to check the basic concepts, which thanks to sir were quite clear.  "

  • Chirag Arora 
    Placed in:Capgemini

"I have learnt the best from this institute. Best institute for java in jaipur. "

  • Meenal Jain
    Placed in:Infosys

"The best institute for students to learn new technologies. Best institute I have heard and experienced for learning in jaipur. "

  • Gaurav Sancheti
    Placed in:Sopra Steria

"Along with the motivating environment, excellent study material, simple yet great teaching methodology are some the strengths of RAT.Joining this institute led me a step closer in achieving my dreams.      "

  • Yashwant Mahawar
    Placed in:In time tech and biz viz

"Road ahead technology is a place where i learn how to build concept, i learn how to apply logics, gain confidence after only one course. Rat is a better place to enhance your coding skills  Thank you abhishek sir and ritesh sir for your kind support and also for whatsapp query solution. "

  • Ashish Nathani
    Placed in: Decurtis Software Solution

"At rat, i developed myself as a personality in programmer's world, i enjoyed learning at rat and grasped most out of Abhishek sir, i am proud to be a student of rat as it gave me my gateway towards successful future and vast opportunities. "

  • Vivek Kewalramani
    Placed in:Capgemini,Ericsson Global

"I am Vivek Kewalramani. Exhausted of my worthless efforts in trying to learn java I was this close to giving up. I was in deep trouble as I was taking Advance Proficient level classes with no programming background. Understanding programming concepts and implementing them can be quite a baffling situation. That’s when I came across Abhishek Sir(R.A.T) add for Java teacher. Considering his phenomenal skills and experience in teaching I approached him for tutoring me. Being a total beginner it was really nice to have such a tendering and acknowledged person helping me out. He is a great teacher and a very very motivating person. The experience I have gained from his lessons is just not helping me get a hold of my class but also developing my interest towards the field of programming . If anyone out there in looking for a Java teacher I would Strongly recommend Mr. Abhishek Jain as your guide. Even if you are doing Java just as a hobby just try some of his classes and i assure you you will never come even close to regretting it. His teaching techniques are very innovative and thus makes Java fun and easy to learn "

  • Rachna popli
    placed in:Accenture 

"It takes someone special to be part of such a institution. Rat main  aim is to help students grow to their fullest potential. Giving positive environment to students and encourage them a lot. Providing best teachers who are capable, dedicated and hardworking, along with having an interest in making a substantial difference in the future of children Thank you abhishek sir for ur continuous guidance . "

  • Nikita kapoor
    Placed in:Accenture

" its the most friendly and helpful institute I have seen by far.. Abhishek sir no doubt is a wonderful mentor cum friend too.. I enjoyed my journey so far and will always have RAT in my good books.. Thanks a ton !! May RAT achieve excellent success today, tomorrow and ever after..  "

  • Shivani Sharma
    Placed in:Mahindra Special Service Group, iSkylar Technologies, Universal hunt, Orion info solutions.

"RAT is not a place where you will learn only coding rather there is a chance of learning things more than that. The concepts taught by Abhishek Sir and Ritesh Sir are just wonderful because you are going to get everything in a very simplified manner. I enjoyed the environment of RAT because students here are not just another bunch, they are like a family for Abhishek sir and all genuine reasons are always acceptable by him. Teachers help not only in class but you can call them at anytime if you are facing a difficulty in their subjects. No matter what Sir is always ready to help. RAT is a place where you get rewarded if you do something different i.e., at every point a motivational hand is behind you. RAThas helped me in developing strong fundamentals which helped me in cracking the interviews. Whenever I faced problem whether it was a good one or a silly mistake ,Sir never yelled at me. Rather he always explained with a higher patience each time. We studied hard, worked hard and ofcourse partied hard. RAT is place to learn. I wish RAT also a happy and interesting journey ahead. "

  • Riddhima Maheshwari
    Placed in:Infosys and Capgemini

"RAT has helped me in widening my goal and brush up my skills. "

  • Richa Sharma.
    Placed in:TCS and Accenture.

"I can say now that turning point of my life was RAT journey. "

  • Sakshi vijayvargiya
    Placed in:Pompeii technology pvt ltd

"My basics become strong and I am much confident after been here. I have been here for more than a year and I can blindly advise students to be here for building strong concepts and command over various languages. Both Abhishek sir and Ritesh sir are one of my favourites and training under them is a blessing. Placement time is crucial phase of every student in their life and concepts i build here came useful at my crucial times. Both TCS and Accenture had their technicals and I asked to write some java programs and basic jdbc connectivity which i already have in my knowledge account. Not only technicals but positivity and confidence I secured here, helped me clearing my MR and HR rounds. Helpful teachers and soothing environment so helped to work here around 8-10 hours on daily basis. Words are not enough for me to explain ,but final thanks giving words to all supporting start and batch mates. Thank you for this wonderful journey. "

  • Pawan Kataria
    Placed in:TCS,  Accenture, HSBC GLT

"I would like to express my immense gratitude towards ABHISHEK SIR for giving me such an education which helped me throughout my placement drives and get succeed in TCS, ACCENTURE and HSBC GLT interviews. Learning at RAT supported me in my technical rounds as well as it enhanced my confidence too which is very necessary for clearing any interview. Learning at RAT gives a fine touch of latest technologies too like IDEs and other tools along with conventional studies which provides an edge over others and gives an good influence over interviewer. At last i would like to say that RAT is a complete solution for your learning and placement goals, one just need to follow it. Thank you very much ABHISHEK SIR for your interactive and 100% practical sessions. Pawan Kataria JECRC (ECE) Placed in TCS, ACCENTURE and HSBC GLT "

  •  Karan Sharma
    Placed in: Capgemini/Igate, Qriyo

"I got my concepts of C and Java cleared because of training at RAT.. I cleared my Technical Interview due to clarity of these concepts. So I thank RAT for helping me in my success. "

  • Ayushi Mathur
    Placed in:Accenture and TCS

"2 years back I choose RAT to be my training center for programming languages.In some way or other way Abhishek Sir's teaching helped me to get placements. "