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  • Tamanna Midha
    Placed in:capgemini

"RAT is really an institute that works in order with syllabi,management of courses.To add on the recorded lectures are really a saviour. It has been a wonderful experience. "

  • Prem Prakash
    Placed in:India Shelter, ENC Technologies

"I have been a part of RAT family for more than a year now. I got my training from RAT. Everyone here treats you like a member of a family. You are helped when you need it, irrespective of what time it is. I have never experienced such a disciplined as well as a friendly environment, in a sync. Here we are made ready to face the corporate world. Learning here is fun and piece of cake, no matter what technology you choose to proceed on . This place gives you an unforgettable experience of life with a great experience of knowledge. So go ahead and have one "

  • Nidhi Gupta
    Placed in:INFOSYS

"Abhishek Sir always set up an atmosphere where i felt very motivated and inspired.He made J2ME and J2EE very easy to understand.The best teachers with unique teaching methods(here in RAT) helped me grow as a programmer. Teachers here are always ready to solve your queries both online and offline.Thank you, Rat.  "

  • Sakshi Agarwal
    Placed in:Accenture

"I experienced and learnt a lot about android while studying at RAT. The learning environment is excellent and I would like to thank Mr.  Abhishek Sir for providing all the facilities and help anytime. "

  • Sandeep Dalmia
    Placed in:Cognizant,Infosys

"I have really learnt a lot of things which helped me in my placements from r@t . Way of teaching is really nice. I will always be thankful to rat. "

  • Gunjan Agrawal
    Placed in:Capgemini pvt. ltd.

"There is so much more you achieve when studying in RAT than just a certificate. You gain knowledge, confidence and for me the best part was finally realising what I want to achieve with my career. I highly recommend this course to each and every student who is either from IT or CS branch, this course is great for everybody! I would like to thank Abhishek sir and Ritesh sir from RAT. Sir, you both have  helped me so much in understanding the concepts as well as in doubt solving and I cannot thank you enough. "

  •  Anjali Singh
    Placed in:  Accenture

"RAT and Abhishek sir have played an indispensable role in my placement.The preparation is started from the very basic level to the most conceptual topics and a strong base of the technical concepts are laid in the minds of the students in this institute. Once you have your technical concepts clear, you gain immense confidence to face any interview and crack it. Also, projects are an integral part of RAT which helps to enlarge the thinking domain of the students. "

  • Mohit jain
    Placed in:Bigdata Bizviz

" It is the best placed to learn technologies in computer science field like c,c++,java, oracle,android,python etc. Faculties are very good and experienced .It was a great experience learning java(by Abhishek sir)and oracle(by Ritesh sir) at rat . I got placed in 'Bigdata Bizviz' as Data Engineer ,which came at rat for the drive . Thank you Abhishek sir and Ritesh sir for giving this opportunity and showing faith in me . "

  • Shraddha Somani
    placed in: Capgemini 

"Rat institute helps me a lot in developing technical skills and knowledge i gained during the summer internship helps me throughout the placement interviews.I want to thank abhishek sir for guiding us for the minor & major projects & giving us a platform to grow and learn new technologies. "

  • Mohit Gupta
    Placed in:Infogain ,Trigent

"Like there is a different God in every religion. If Programming were religion, Abhishek Sir you are its God!!!. Thank You sir for a great gift.    You have taught me to think and visualize the subject. Nothing id difficult to understand with a guide like you. "

  • Nitesh Moorjani
    Placed in: Infogain Pvt. Ltd.

"At rat, i developed myself as a personality in programmer's world, i enjoyed learning at rat and grasped most out of Abhishek sir, i am proud to be a student of rat as it gave me my gateway towards successful future and vast opportunities.  "

  • Aman kumar
    Placed in: Concierge technology, Trigent, Tech Mahindra .

"RAT has given me a full practical knowledge in terms of coding. Everyone is good in theory but when time come for projects an all everyone gets frighten but i was not bcoz i have a shield cover of RAT on me .  I bow my head before two legendary brothers Mr. Abhishek sir and Mr. Ritesh sir Thanks for everything  "

  • Shoaib Tyagi
    Placed in: Tech Mahindra

"Sir, your vision points have helped me to widen my horizon of thinking and I have become more focused in my endeavours. With due regards and respect I would like to thank you for letting me be a part of RAT Your constant smile and frequent corny jokes created such a light and positive environment in the classroom. We as students respected your authority, yet felt comfortable enough to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss as if everyone inside the classroom was equal. That’s an environment that only few students get to truly experience.Thank you for believing in me. Many times I hear friends say that instructors “want us to fail” or “they want to make the class as hard as possible.”but you have found the perfect balance of challenging us and being there as support when we didn’t understand something. You always showed concern, broke it down, and never moved on until we got it. We were able to conquer difficult problems because we were capable. We just didn’t believe we were. With your encouragement and support, I often walked out of the classroom thinking; Anything is Possible!…  Those 2 months was a life changing experience not only for developing​ our skills but the confident that we got help us for cracking the interview. At last I would like to say thai I am proud to be a part of RAT and it has been truly a rewarding and enriching experience. "

  • Aastha Gupta
    Placed in:Infosys

"Rat is the best platform for learning various emerging new technologies and improving your skills.. Salute to Abhishek sir who teaches excellent and always ready to help students any time.. because of rat and Abhishek sir my basics and coding is improved and all credits of placement goes to rat.. "

  • Rishabh Deedwaniya
    Placed in: TCS

"My experience RAT institute is very nice Abhishek Sir is the best teacher from whom I have learned so many things and improved my coding. He is always ready to clear the doubts at any time.The only thing I had to do was dropping a text to sir about my doubt and then I was as quick as flash. Today I am placed in TCS, which is a great achievement for me and Abhishek sir is also a part of my this success. "

  • Himanshi Singh
    Placed in:IN TIME TEC

"RAT has given me a true enthusiastic platform to brush up my mind and explore new fields.  "

  • Prateek tiwari 
    Placed in:Yudiz private limited 

"Rat is awesome place to start and build your career first block  "

  • Vaishali khandelwal
    Placed in:Tata consultancy services

"In rat there was a very healthy enviornment for study.Teachers were always there to support me "

  • Deepak Sharma
    Placed in:Infogain, Appicino

"It was half of my engineering when I joined RAT. RAT the name is enough, I was a raw student when I joined RAT. The way a Potter make its items Abhishek Sir shaped my future. Not only in the specified courses, he gave me best suggestions regarding my future too, he enlightened my path. Whenever someone says JAVA one this strikes to my mind and it is RAT. I learnt a lot here.  I oppted for SSP package and did my summer training from here. I have learned a lot and I bet that this knowledge will help me to fight many competitors and this is the base for learning the best. The is best. Changed my life your too would be changed "

  •  Anisha Goyal
    placed in:IBM

"It was a great experience at rat. Abhishek Jain sir thought us core java and helped us throughout the course session. Under his guidance it was possible for me to make 2 projects in core java. The overall training period turns out to be very productive.  "

  • Yashika Nathwani
    Placed in: Capgemini

"My experience at RAT was very enlightening. Both Abhishek sir and Ritesh Sir have been very supportive. Abhishek sir has always motivated us to go out of the box and come out with flying colours. I thank all the experts at RAT for guiding us and being one of the building blocks in the path of my success!  "

  • Kanishka Goyal
    Placed in:IBM

"quite good. Teachers were well trained. Updated course.  "

  • Parul Jagetiya
    Placed in:IBM

"About experience at rat: I did Java training at RAT. RAT is a very good place to explore one's technical skills.   "

    Placed in:GKV Group,AU small finance bank,Brill Techno Pvt.Ltd.

"RAT is not only a coaching center it is the life turner point. I am join Rat classes in my 3rd and after that I understand that what is computer science. I am really thankful to Mr. Abhishek sir and Mr. Ritesh sir  they teach us as a friend and learn learn many more about technology from these #Gurus. Thank you sir because of you and Rat I am placed in 3 companies. The knowledge that I get from both of you is very helpful for me in placement. Again Thank you both of you sir. "

  •  Tushar Pathak
    Placed in:Capgemini

"Experience in RAT is very good, faculty has a very good knowledge about his subject and has nice and supportive behaviour towards all the students.  "